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(Review) Etude House Baby Choux Base - Mint Choux

After I used up my Baby Choux Base in berry choux and I purchased the primer from Catrice which was a flop I decided to buy the Baby Choux Base again. But this time I decided to pick the Mint Choux one because my face lately suffers from redness.

~The product~

I guess everyone of you remembers the glass jars the Baby Choux was in when it was released by Etude House. Everyone was complaning about how unhygienic the glass jar was. And then Etude House decided to release the Baby Choux Base in a tube. Now you´ll get 35g of product (the glass jars contained only 25g) for the same price as the base in the glass jars.
The cardboard box has the same design as the old ones. 
The Base itself has a mint green color which reduces redness. The Baby Choux Base is also available in Berry Choux for pale skin tones and Peach Choux for yellow skin tones. The Base has  the SPF25.

~How to use~

Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion.

~My opinion~

Since I loved the Baby Choux Base in Berry Choux I was very curious about the Mint Choux one~
Well what I noticed first was that the smell is different. The Berry Choux one smelled like cherries. This one smells really fresh. I can´t really explain the scent but it´s very pleasant. But to be honest, I liket the scent of the Berry Choux one more.
Does the Base reduce redness? Yes, it does. It makes my face look more even and when I don´t have any blemishes I even use it without BB Cream on top. It does make me look a little more pale than I am but it feels so light on the skin, you barely notice it, so it´s ok.
The Baby Choux base blends really well. I´m really happy that I bought it.



  • reduces redness
  • comes in a tube now
  • pleasant smell
  • blends very well
  • feels light on the skin


  • I haven´t found any negative points yet :)

Would I buy it again? Yes, yes, yes! But I don´t know if I´m going to buy the Berry Choux or the Mint Choux one next time. It depends on how long I have to deal with the redness on my face. 

I bough the Baby Choux base in Mint Choux at Beautynetkorea´s Ebay-shop for 9.49$.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading♥

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