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(Review) Etude House Darling Cream

I need to say, I have a problem with acne scars. It´s actually not the worst thing but it bothers me. And because I heard a lot of good things about Etude House´s Darling cream I was really curious to try this out. I´ve been using this cream for a month now and I want to share my thoughts about it with you!

~The product~

Etude House´s Darling cream comes in a glass jar with 50ml of content. It´s a snail healing cream that claims to nourish and vitalize the skin and also protects the skin from stress and environmental influences. The cream contains 73% of snail mucus extract. It´s paraben free, artificial pigment free and alcohol free. The glass jar comes in a cardboard box and it comes with a spatula. I also read that it works for acne scars and it helps to reduce pimples and heal breakouts faster.

~How to use~

Use hands to apply cream to face by massaging into skin. Use upward motion when massaging for improved results.

~My opinion~

Let´s start with the product design. I love the cardboard box. It has such a cute design. I love polka dots. The snail concept is really adorable. The cream comes in a glass jar. So you really  need to be careful. Especially me, because I tend to be clumsy, very clumsy. I really try not to accidently drop it. But the glass jar makes the product appear more high-quality. And thanks god, I haven´t dropped it yet :D 
The cream has a very nice texture and the smell, oh my god the smell, it´s so great.

 I´m really happy that the cream comes with a spatula because I absolutely hate digging my fingers into jars of skincare products.
I´m using the Darling cream every evening after cleansing my face. The skin feels very smooth and soft. When I started using the cream I had a very bad breakout on my chin. It looked so bad. But it appeared much better after two days and I was very surprised. I did not expect such a fast result. And now, I have less pimples, my skin looks so much better and I barely get breakouts! I love this cream!


  • pretty product design
  • great smell
  • great texture
  • my skin got a lot better
  • barely pimples and breakouts
  • breakouts heal faster


  • the clumsy me needs to be careful with the glass jar :D

Will I buy Etude House´s Darling cream again? Yes, of course. I don´t want to miss it anymore. I will definetly repurchase it!
I bought Etude House´s Darling cream at the ebay shop worldmarket201010 for 18,11$.

~My rating~

Have you tried this cream before? What´s your opinion? 

Thanks for reading♥

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