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(Review) Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion

To welcome this year´s spring, Etude House released a new type of Any Cushion, the Magic Any Cushion.

I was pretty excited to try this new Any Cushion so I bought it immediatly after it was released.

~The product~

Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion is a color-correcting cushion pact base that comes in three different shades,

  • Magic Peach, for dull and yellowish skin tones
  • Magic Pink, for porcelain and pale skin tones
  • Magic Mint, for skintones with redness
I bought the Any Cushion in the shade Magic Pink.

This is what Etude House says:
"This Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type."
Just like the Precious Mineral Any Cushion that was released last year, the base comes in a compact with a pearl -like pink color.

 And again, the design is very simple but chic and that´s what I like about the design. I might be a fan of cute designs but I like these simple ones as well. Inside the compact you´ll find a mirror and the air puff.

 The sponge with the base is seperated from the air puff.

And just like last time, you can buy refills for the cushion pact. The Magic Any Cushion contains 15g of product and has an has SPF34.

~The ingredients~

~My opinion~

Th smell is really nice, and the cushion does a good job to even out and brighten up your skin tone. But it doesn´t cover up blemishes so I can´t use it alone when I have some. And after you applied it your face looks really shiny. But not oily-shiny, more moist shiny. And that´s not really my cup of tea~
But when you apply it it feel really cool on the skin and that´s realy nice.

Most of the time I apply the normal Any cushion after this one. Together, these two give a really nice result. you can even re-apply the Magic Any Cushion again, as a highlighter.

And I absolutely adore the packaging! I mean, how cute and pretty is this case! I ways too scared to carry it around in my bag because I don´t want to have scratches on it :D


  • Nice smell
  • evens out skin tone
  • brightens up skin tone
  • super pretty packaging
  • skin feels cool and moist


  • has a shiny finish
  • nearly no coverage
Do I love this product? Maybe? The shiny finish really bothers me, so I really don´t know.  Actually I prefer the normal Baby Choux Base.

I bought the Magic Any Cushion at for 19.80$.

~My rating~

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