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(Review) W7 - In the Buff - Palette

Not too long ago I saw a video on youtube about this palette. It was said that it´s a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I  can´t really say if it´s a perfect dupe because I only own the Naked 3 Palette. I love this palette and I thought about buying the Naked 2 but then I saw the video and I decided to give this W7 - In the Buff Palette a try. I immediatly bought it and now I want to give you my opinion about it :)
Let´s go~

~The product~

"W7 - In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette -Natural Nude Colours, featuring 12 Eyeshadows: Buff, Caramel, Sand, Dust, Chocolate, Topaz, Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder and Onyx shades to leave you looking glamorous no matter what shade you choose."

These eyeshadows come in a tin box and you´ll get a 2-sided brush as well. 

~My opinion~

My first impression of this box was ok. The tin box feels kind of cheap to be honest. And when you open it you are immediatly greeted by an unpleasant plastic smell. I can´t use the brush side of the brush. The sponge applicator is quite good, but the brush is bad and it feels very unconfortable to apply eyeshadow with this one. 
This palette is slighty bigger than my Naked 3 Palette.

Now let´s take a look at the colors.

The first one is called Buff. It´s a matte color. It´s not really good pigmented which you can see on the swatch pictures. The eyeshadow is barely visible but you can use it really well as blending color.
Next is Camel. It´s a warm gold color with shimmer. This color is very good pigmented.
The color Sand is a very light shimmery skint one color.
Dust is a shimmery copper tone, very good pigmented as well!
Chocolate is a matte medium brown color.
The next color is called Topaz and it´s a brown-bronze color with shimmer. This color is amazing and the pimentation is great as well. It´s my favourite color among these eyeshadows.

Earth is a gold-brown color with shimmer.
The next color, Storm is a greyish brown with shimmer.
Silk is a very light rosé shade. It´s a great color for the inner corner of the eyes and for highlighting. But, this shade has so much fall out. 
Wave is another gold-brown shade which is a warmer tone than Earth.
The next shade is Thunder. It´s a shimmery dark brown color.
And last but not least we´ve got Onyx, which is a matte black shade.

So, except for one, all shades of this palette are very good pigmented. And the eyeshadow lasts very long. 
Actually I´m impressed by these eyeshadows. 
And if you don´t want to spend a lot of money this might be the perfect palette for you. Considering the price of this palette and the quality of the eyeshadows, this is an awesome deal.


  • eyeshadow is pigmented very well
  • lasts long
  • the palette is said to be a perfect dupe for the Naked 2 by Urban Decay
  • very very good price


  • Cheap box
  • bad brush
  • plastic smell

Yes, I really like this palette and I´m glad that I bought it, instead of buying the Naked 2. As much as I love my Naked 3 Palette, I always try to find good prices and great deals.

I bought the W7 - In the Buff palette from the ebay shop fragrancescosmeticsperfumes. I paid 5,99€ when I bought it two weeks ago. Now it costs 9,95€. But it´s still a very good price!

~My rating~

I had to deduct 1 bumblebee because of the cheap packaging, the brush and the plastic smell. But still 4 bumblebees because the quality is great!

Have you tried out this palette as well? Do you own the Naked 2 and think this is a good dupe? Let me know in the comments. I want to know your opinion.

Thanks for reading ♥

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