Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

DHC - Marie Blush and Lipstick (Review)

Hey eyeryone~

Let´s talk about one of the cutest collaborations you´ve probably ever seen!

This is the DHC x Disney Collaboration and it features the cute little Marie from the Aristocats. I was on a hunt for this for the longest time. I actually saw some offers on Ebay but the prices were insane so I actually wanted to give up and forget about it!

But then I randomly came across a shop called Alpha Beauty and I found the products there.

Let´s start with the Cheek Color Blush in the shade PK01.

The blush comes in this beautiful little tin case and look at how adorable this design is!

It comes with a little puff and the blush itself consists of three different shades that are swirled together. It looks really cool!

There are tiny shimmer particles inside the blush which gives a nice and subtle glow to the cheeks.

The blush is not too pigmented but it´s buildable. It looks really nice and fresh. I absolutely adore this product!

You can find it here on Alpha Beauty but sadly this shade is sold out, however the other shade is still available!

Next is this super cute Essence in Lip Color Lipstick that comes in the same design as the blush.

I also have this one in the shade PK01.

This is basically a 2in1 product because the core of the lipstick is an lip essence that is supposed to nourish the lips.

The shade has a sheer finish and a nude pinkish brown color. It basically is an MLBB shade and looks super nice on the lips.
It´s also very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips.

Now to the bad news. The lipstick is completely sold out at Alpha Beauty but I hope that they will restock it!

I do not regret buying these two products from DHC because the are really good. DHC has a lot of cute Disney products, like a ton of lip balms which are actually really nice as well.

The design is just too adorable! I definitely recommand you to check out other Disney stuff from DHC. You can find different lip products on Alpha Beauty as well as on Ebay1

Do you know this collaboration or do you actually own anything from DHC´s Disney collaborations?

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