Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Mamnonde - Flower Pop Eye Brick #01 Golden Beige (Review)

Hey eyeryone~

I´m finally back with a new review and I´m honestly so sorry that it took me so long to upload something new but I kinda lost my motivation. But now I´m back with fresh energy and a change. I will no longer be uploading my reviews bi-lingual in German and English but in English only. There are a few different reasons for that which I´m not going to discuss here any further. But I just feel more happy and motivated with the way I will write my posts now and I hope you understand that.

Now let´s get to this review. The star of the show today is the Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Brick in the shade 01 Golden Beige.

This is basically a little quad with four different eyeshadow shades that go together perfectly.
The Flower Pop Eye Bricks do come in 5 different color variations.

The design itself is really simple and the palette is quite small.

All four eyeshadows do have a shimmer finish.

For Korean eyeshadows these four shades are quite pigmented. They are also very smooth and soft

I really like these colors because they are perfect for every day and the eyeshadows just apply very quick and easy.

But I need to say that I don´t like applying these ones with a brush because they do have a lot of glitter fallout when I do apply them with a brush. I prefer the application with my fingers and then slightly blend them out out with a small brush.

The only con for me is that there is no matte crease shade inside. But I usually only use this palette, when I just want something quick and pretty and I´m not going all in with my eye makeup. And for that I don´t need a matte shade.

Overall I really like the small quad from Mamonde. I only had tried their lip products so far so I was curious about their eyeshadows (since I´m addicted to eyeshadows ;) ) And they didn´t dissappoint me. I might try out some of their single shadows in the future because I really want to know what Mamonde´s matte shadows are like.

I bought the Flower Pop Eye brick here on Ebay. I really recommand this seller because they send out orders quickly and the products always arrive wrapped really well. 

You can also find it at Testerkorea!

Have you tried any Mamonde eyeshadows so far?

2 Kommentare:

  1. Ein sehr schönes Quartett. Schade, dass sie schimmern, wenn sie matt wären, fände ich die Lidschatten fast noch etwas schöner :)

  2. Ich muss ehrlich sagen, bei englischen Texten überscrolle ich eher XD macht mir nicht so Spaß zu lesen, aber da hat ja jeder so seinen Geschmack. Aber von den Swatches gefallen mir die beiden dunklen Töne sehr gut