Dienstag, 7. August 2018

Catrice #Instashape LE (Review) *

*(Werbung/AD - PR-Sample)

Hey everyone~

Today I want to show you some products from the current #Instashape Limited Edition from Catrice.
The collection has some intresting products for contouring your face as well as your body! And I will show you three products from this collection now!

First of all, this is the Tantouring Stencil.
Through the different edges of the stencil you are supposed to easily contour your face according to your face shade.

To be honest, I don´t like these type of stencils. I know my face and I know how to contour my face so that it looks good. I tried this stencil and the different edges but none of the edges gave me a satisfying result. To me it looked kind of weird and I had to blend a lot because the edges of the contour seemed way to harsh to me.

I think this might be nice if you are a makeup beginner and you still need to figure out how to contour your face but for me this definitely is not a product I would use.

Next is the Tantouring Double Ended Brush and Sponge.
The Sponge side is for applying and blending out cream-type products and the brush side is for applying and blending out powder-type products.

I really like the brush side. It is dense but not too dense. You can easily apply and blend out your conbtour with it because the brush has a nice size as well.

I´m constantly using this for contouring at the mooment.

The sponge side is not my cup of tea at all. The sponge itself is way too firm and stiff and I feel like through this it takes just way too long to blend out cream products. Plus I need to say that I don´t like it when sponges and brushes are conbined. I like to have the sponge in my hand because through the brush handle I don´t have as much control as I do have with a regular sponge.

I just wish Catrice would have released a brush and a sponge separately in this limited edition.

This is the Slim Legs-Body Contour Roller.
It´s a contouring cream in a Roll-On packaging.You can use it to countour your body, for example your legs. It´s supposed to have a matte finish for a natural result.

The colour looks really nice for a contour shade and the consistency is really nice as well and it blends out well.

Now, even though the shade looks pretty nice it is still too dark for my legs becuase they are basically white. When I use it my legs look like they are dirty.
Plus, this has a really weird plastic like scent which really isn´t that pleasant. 

Overall this limited edition wasn´t just my cup of tea, but I do like the brush and I will continue using it?

Have you tried any of the products?

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