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Marc Jacobs - O!Mega Bronzer - Tan-Tastic! (Review)

Hey guys~

Well, I actually wanted to post this review last year... but then this product sold out and I thought it was pointless showing you something that you can´t get anymore. But now it is back and it´s even going to be permanent.

The product I´m talking about here is the highly raved about Omega Bronzer from Marc Jacobs in the shade 104 Tan-Tastic!

For me a bronzers are a staple in my makeup routine since I´m pale and I often look sick because of that. A good bronzer always fixes that!

So I´ve actually collected a few bronzers so far and when the Marc Jacobs one came out last year and so many people went crazy about it. Basically because it was said to have the perfect shade, not too cool toned and not too warm toned. And then the packaging.... With that being said, I felt like I was magically drawn to this product.

I ordered it from Sephora France and it has become one of my all time favorite bronzers!

Now let´s take a closer look at this bad boy.

The bronzer comes in this very elegant white packging with silver details ( the current LE bronzer has rose-gold details and the one that becomes permanent later this year will have silver details as well).

And this bronzer is gigantic. You get 25(!) gramms which is so nice and you´re going to get old with this one^^  And even though Marc Jacobs is a rather expensive brand I think you get a really good amount of product for your money.

Inside the packaging you get a large mirror which is really convenient, when you travel and bring the bronzer along. I know a lot of people say it´s ideal to travel with, but to be honest, I would be way to scared that I might drop it or it would break in my bags.... I´m just way too clumsy and I actually can´t believe it that I haven´t destroyed any of my expensive makeup yet...^^

And here you can see, you really get a lot of product and it just really has the perfect, neutral shade.

It doesn´t look orange or muddy on the face which I highly appreciate. It blends so smoothly and looks so pretty  and sunkissed on my pale face I´m just super in love with this product.

And of course we can´t forget about the scent ! The Omega bronzer smells like coconuts. And it´s a very pleasant, soft coconut scent. And I love coconuts and everything that has soemthing to do with coconuts.

I don´t know what else to say about the Marc Jacobs bronzer. I´m just super happy that I´ve bought it last year and it it probably my most favorite makeup item.

So if you´re still looking for the perfect bronzer.... here it is!

You can get this beauty at Sephora and the Marc Jacobs Beauty website!

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