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Innisfree - My Foundation 2.3 #C13 (Review)

Hey everyone~

Innisfree is probably one of my favorite korean brands. They released their customizable "My Palette" last year and I already have a few eyeshadows, blushes and contour powders from that line. And now Innisfree has released their My Foundation line. In this line you can choose the finish and the coverage according to your preferences and of course you can choose your shade as well. So basically you can create your perfect foundation.

I have my foundation in the version 2.3, now let me quickly explain what these numbers mean while choosing your foundation.

The first number indictaes the finish.
1 stands for a matte finish, 2 stands for me semi matte finish and the 3 has a glowy finish.

The second number indicates the amount of coverage.
In this case the number 1 stands for a light and natural coverage and then it goes up to a 5 which stands for a perfect and full coverage.

I chose the 3 for a medium coverage.

And this foundation comes in five different shades. I bought the lightest shade.

I really like the bottle of the foundation. I don´t know what it is but somthing about this bottle makes me feel satisfied when I look at it... I don´t know... I´m weird XD

It does come with a pump.

Here you can see the foundation on my hand.Blended out it looks a little too light here but it matches the shade of my face perfectly.

The application is really easy and the foundation is blending really well. But I prefer the application with a sponge. I tried it with a buffing brish as well and it looked streaky and I felt that it didn´t sit well on the skin that way.

Even though I chose medium coverage I find the coverage to be very good. It covers redness and small spots really well.

You could build this up to full coverage. But on me it started looking cakey when I started building it up. And sadly the foundation clinged dry patches on my face, even the tiniest ones. 

The finish looks quite silky and soft upon the first application but I have to set it well because it gets shiny quite fast on my face (I have combination to oily skin btw...)

I think this would be really nice when you have normal to dry skin. 

And the Innisfree Foundation faded quite quickly. After about two hours the foundation was completely gone around my nose and after about three to four hours my redness was peeking through again and it faded a lot on my chin.

As much as I love the concept of this foundation and as much as I wanted to like it... I was quite dissappointed. It really looks pretty (aside from the dry patches) when I first apply it but for me it´s really just a foundation for occasions where I just wear makeup for a short amount of time. When I want my face to look good all day I wouldn´t reach for this one.

Maybe I just picked the wrong formula but I won´t be trying any other versions of the My Foundation.

As much as I love Innisfree this product sadly was a miss for me but I will definitely use it up and mix it with other products to make it last better on me!

Have you tried this foundation yet? What´s your favorite Innisfree product?

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  1. I didn't even know about this, the concept indeed sounds fantastic! But what you describe about the formula, not so much. :s