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Etude House - Cherry Blossom 2018 Limited Edition (Review)

🌸 Hey everyone~  đźŚ¸

It´s finally spring and Cherry Blossoms are blooming everywhere. For me, this really is one of the most beautiful things about spring. And then Etude House comes out with a Cherry Blossom collection....  and I can´t say no :D

There are different products in this collection, including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and a primer.

First of all I bought the primer. It is the popular Face Blur primer, which is already in their permanent product line and they just released it in a limited edition packaging, which I love! It is so pretty. Kitschy, but super pretty!!!

I´ve used up an entire bottle of this before, so I already knew that I really like this product. You can find a review *here*.

I haven´t opened this bottle yet because I currently have a ton of primers open and I need to reduce that amount first before I open a new one.

And to be honest, it it wouldn´t have been for the limited edition packaging I wouldn´t have bought the Face Blur for the reason I´ve mentioned above.

You can purchase the Face Blur primer here:

Now let´s get to the Blend for Eyes eyeshadow quads. They are available in two versions which I both picked up. I just couldn´t decide which one I should get and let´s be honest... Both palettes do look absolutely lovely!

This is the #2 Cherry Blossom Night.

It consists of 4 purple greyish shades that all go together really well.
The shades do have matte, shimmer and glitter finishes.

Except for the right, matte shadow all of them do swatch nicley. The first shade is a very pretty sheer glitter that looks really nice as a topcoat over other shadows. The second shade is my favorite out of this palette because the pigmentation is also really great when you apply the eyeshadow with a brush.

This is the #1 Cherry Blossom Festival.

This quad consists of four nude and pinky shades. They do have matte, shimmery and glittery finishes as well.

The second shade is a sheer glitter as well. The third shade is my favorite in this palette. 
This creates very soft looks as well and has a standard korean quality.

Overall these eyeshadows do have a standard korean eyeshadow quality. When you are looking for Anastasia Beverly Hills quality eyshadows these are definitely not the right ones for you.

But if you do like soft shadow looks this might be something for you. And these do look very nice in your makeup collection as well!

You can get the palettes here:

Next up is my personal highlight - the lipsticks!

In this collection you can mix and match your lipstick shades with the packaging as well which I really really love! I already have a few of Dear My Glass/Matte Tinting Lips Talk and really enjoy the formula of these! So it was a must for me to get some of the new ones. Since the packagings were so up my alley.

Btw you can check out previous reviews of the lipsticks *here* and *here*

I got the packagings in #33 (left) and #36 (right).

The lipsticks shades are in BE102 Cherry Blossom Petal, which is a peachy nude and BR402 Cherry Blossom Avenue which is a brown/red nude.

The actual highlight about these lipsticks is the shape of the bullet. It´s a cherry blossom. This is such a lovely detail and it´s a shade that you ruin it when you use the lipstick.

Here you can see swatches of both shades. BR402 is on the left and BE102 is on the right.

Both do have a matte finish, which looks more like a satin to satin-matte finish on my lips. The formula is really comfortable and the wear time is ok. The do wear down evenly and leave a hue of color on your lips.

Both of these shades are kind of MLBB shades for me. 

You can get the Lipstick shades here:

... and you can get the cases here:

And because I bought one lipstick and one palette in a set I got this small pouch as well. It´s not too big and is made of plastic. The design matches well with the products from the collection.

Now, what do you think of The Cherry Blossom collection from Etude House? Did you buy anything?

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  1. Das Design ist so schön, ich könnte aber mit den Lidschatten nicht viel anfangen und die Lippenstifte von EH haben mich bisher einfach nicht umgehauen. Ich habe mir diesen hellsten, schon fast glossigsten Lippenstift bestellt, allerdings kam nur die Hülle an :') Ich bin mir gar nicht sicher, ob ich den Inhalt nun nochmals nachbestelle oder es einfach lasse.

    1. Oh nein, das ist ja blöd. Ich mag die EH Lippenstifte total gerne und hätte mir am liebsten alle Farben und Hüllen gekauft XD