Montag, 9. September 2013

(Review) Skinfood Honeypot Lip Balm No3 Honey

This is my first product of Skinfood. When I saw the cute packaging I knew that I had to buy it. Since I love bumblebees, bees, Winnie Pooh and all that stuff this lip balm that looks like a honey pot is the right thing for me. Isn´t this product a sweet idea?

~The product~

This honey-like lip balm is brought to you in a little honey pot. It claims to have a jelly -like texture, it is easy to apply, stays on for long and creates clear shimmering lips. The honey pot lip balm is available in 3 shades (#1 Honey Pot Berry, #2 Honey Pot Mandarin, #3 Honey Pot Honey)
The honey pot contains 6,5g of lip balm.

~How to use~

 When your lips feel dry, apply the lip balm onto your lips. You can use the little stick that comes with the lip balm or you´ll use your fingers. And don´t forget to clean the stick after using it ;)

~My opinion~

Ok, let me start with the packaging (Well it´s the main reason why I bought the lip balm :) )
First I thought that the pot would be bigger but it´s really small. But well, it´s ok for a lip balm. It´s so cute. I really really love the design.

The little stick that comes with the lip balm is actually a really good idea and it totally fits the concept but I haven´t used it yet. I don´t want to clean it everytime I use it ( yeah, I´m lazy, haha) and I don´t want to use my fingers as well so I decided to use a cotton swab instead and it works pretty well.

The texture really is jelly-honey-like and it´s not sticky on the lips which I absolutely love. It feels very smooth and stays on the lips for very long. My lips feel very moisturized when I use the lip balm. The scent of the balm is something between honey and fruity. Very pleasant. It has no taste.
And hey, it looks like honey.

Overall this lip balm is perfect if you want to have moisturized lips with no hint of color. I love this lip balm. The design and the quality is great.

  • Packaging (so cute!!!)
  • nice scent
  • moisturizing
  • little stick for applying
  • feels great on the lips

  • small size considering the price

Would I buy the honey pot lip balm again? Yes, definetly! I love everything about it I dont even care about the price. Well I bought it on auction so it was ok. I bought the lip balm at the ebay shop biz-inside for 6.15$. Shipping was really fast and they give samples as well.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading♥

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