Sonntag, 22. September 2013

(Tutorial) DIY - BTS Bangtan Sonyeondan Shoes

Hey everyone. Maybe you´ve already read my BTS tank top tutorial(You can find it here ). This time I´m back with a BTS shoe tutorial. I´m a huge fan of this group and I had the idea of making k-pop inspired shoes for a long time now.

Actually it´s very easy to make them and it´s not very different from the tank top tutorial.

So here´s what you´ll need:

  • a pair of canvas shoes (I bought them here )
  • fabric paint
  • Dressmaker´s tracing paper
  • template of the logo
  • brushes
  • newspaper

Let´s go:

First of all you need to stuff the shoes with newspaper so that the are stable for copying the template.
Place the tracing paper, with the colored side facing down, onto the shoe.

 Place the template on top and start tracing the pattern of the template ( I used a pen for that).

Now you can start painting. 

If you are going to use black shoes, or any other dark color and paint in light colors you´ll probably have to paint more than one layer of paint onto the shoe in order to get a good result.

Now wait until the paint is dry.

Look at the instructions of the fabric paint that you are using, because some paints need to be ironed in order to be fixed. 
Now your shoes are finished.

Of course you can use any other logo of any other group you like or you´ll use your own design. If you´ll use high top canvas shoes you can paint the logo at the sides
 of the the shoes as well ;) 

I hope this tutorial was usefull for you!

Thanks for reading ♥

PS. If you´re going to make a pair of shoes yourself I would love to see them :)

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