Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

(Review) Etude House & Rose Flowering Eyes Palette

Finally I´m able to review this eye shadow palette. I had to wait for it for nearly one month. And now finally it´s here. I was so excited when I opened the parcel. The & Rose Flowering Eyes Palette is the only product I bought from the new collection. It was the first product to caught my attention and the only one that was really intresting for me. So here it is~

~ The product~

This is was Etude House says: " This is a eye shadow palette that comes with 10 colors that deliver alluring rosy eyes as if petals are gently placed onto eyelids."

Sounds good right?

The eye shadow  comes in a pink colored palette with a lace design. It´s really pretty. When you open the palette you´ll find 10 colors of eye shadow that are protected by a plastic cover that´s decorated with a lace design, too.

 The palette also comes with a mirror and two two-sided applicators. Each eye shadow has its own name and the colors range from matte to glittering colors.

~How to use~

" Use enclosed tip´s wider surface to spread base color onto entire eyelid and use the tip´s narrow surface to spread point color from center to outer edges of eyes, naturally gradating to complete more dramatic rose-shaded eyes".

~My opinion~

First of all let me introduce you the colors:

From left to right: Falling / Fade / Innocent / Delight / Pure / Romance / Blossom / Petal / Gloomy / Poison
I think that the names really matche the colors.

The matte colors are Fade, Innocent, Blossom, Petal and Gloomy. The colors with glitter are Falling, Delight, Pure, Romance and Poison. My favorite colors of this palette are Fade, Petal, Gloomy, and Poison. There´s no shade I really dislike. All of them look great on the eyelids and the staying power is awesome.

In my opinion this eye shadow palette definetly matches the season. It´s October now and these colors are just great for autumn.

I really had high expectations in this palette because I love Etude House´s eye shadows. The ("Chocolate Eyes" palette from their "Sweet Recipe" collection is my favorite eyeshadow!) Aaand  my expectations were fulfilled. I immediatly felt in love when I swatched the colors.
I´m really happy that I bought the palette immediatly when it was released. It´s out of stock now and I could only find a few sellers on Ebay that still sell this but at really expensive prices!


  • great colors
  • long lasting on eyelids
  • beautiful product design
  • comes with two applicators
  • and a mirror


  • nothing so far

Would I buy it again? Well, since it´s already out of stock, no. But if I would find it for the same price that I paid, I would definetly buy a backup. I just hope that the palette lasts as long as possible :) 
I bought the "& Rose Flowering Eyes" palette at for 19.90$.

~My rating~

What´s your opinion about this palette?

Thanks for reading♥

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