Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

A prize from Etude House~

To celebrate 50,000 fans on Facebook, Etude House Global´s Face book page held a sweet event where you could win a limited princess mirror of Etude House. Aaaaand I was one of the ten lucky winners!

I got the parcel yesterday, well I had to pick it up from the customs. Maybe they thought a pink parcel would be suspicious XD.

The mirror came in a cute cardboard box.

I was really really happy. The mirror is so cute. It´s pink and has little rhine stones on top of the crown shaped mirror. 

You can actually use it in two ways. You can use it as a hand mirror or as a stand mirror because you can bend it.

I need to say, this is really the highlight of my Etude House collection and it looks really good in between all my korean cosmetics.

Thank you so much to Etude House Global for picking me as one of the winners~

Check out their Facebook page here . Etude House often helds giveaways here!

Thanks for reading♥

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