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(Review) Catrice Arts Collection - Eye and Face Palette + Nail Polishes

A few days ago I went to the drugstore and actually I didn´t want to buy any make up or nail polishes, I really didn´t want to. But as always there was something that caught my attention. My favorite drugstore brand Catrice has released a new Limited Edition called "Arts Collection". They had Eye and Face Palettes in 3 different colors as well as nail polishes in three different colors. I bought the Eye and Face Palette in #C01 that contains colors in rosé and rosewood shades.  I also bought two nail polishes in the shades C03 Bronze-Deco and C01 Pinkroque.

~The products~

This is what Catrice says~

"C01 Eye and Face Palette
Each artfully decorated “Arts Collection“ Eye and Face Palette contains: six powder eyeshadows with various effects, a blush shade for a fresh complexion, a highlighter for that extra special glow as well as black eyeliner and an applicator. The colour schemes of the eyeshadows range from rosé and rosewood shades."

#1-6 Eyeshadows
#7 Blusher
#8 Highlighter
#9 Eye Pencil
#10 Applicator

All eyeshadows as well as the blusher and the highlighter contain a lot of glitter. The box also contains an double-ended applicator. The box is made from very stabil cardbord and has a magnetic lock.

The nailpolishes are glitter polishes with bright colors. Each bottle contains 10ml of nail polish.

You can find product pictures and descriptions of the other versions of the products here .

~My opinion~

Why did these products caught my attention? Of course because of the product design. The palette comes in a very beautiful designed box with pretty ornaments that are inspires by the baroque era. I totally love this design and think that I probably wouln´t have bought the palette if it wouln´t look so pretty, because to be honest the colors are more glttery when applied than expected.

 I like the shine of the highlighter and the blush.

 I also like the eye pencil because it can be applied very smoothly and it stays very long. But the eyeshadows are just too much for me. They contain too much glitter. It might be great for a party make up but not for an everyday use. 

And now let´s take a look at the nail polishes. These bottles have a very nice design as well and I love the colors. Even though I only use them for special ocassions like parties or for nail art but the colors are very pretty and very good coverage. And because I´m a nail polish addict I just had to buy them :D (and I love Catrice´s nail polishes!)


  • great product design
  • blusher and highlighter have nice shimmer
  • eye pencil is long lasting
  • contains applicator

  • nail polishes have great colors
  • good coverage


  • Eye shadows contain too much glitter

Would I buy it again? The palette - no, but I´m thinking about buying the last color from the nail polishes.
I bought the palette for 7,99€ (~11$) and the the nail polishes for 2,79€ (~3,85$) each.

~My rating~

For the Eye and Face Palette

For the nail polishes

Thanks for reading♥

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