Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Bzzz... It´s Sunday - Exams, a musical and bumblebees :)

Woooah, the last two weeks were the longest weeks in my life, seriously. The time just stood still.
In the first week, I wrote my exams and I was studying like crazy. I wasn´t that nervous but I don´t know what I should think about the whole exams, too. I really don´t know if I did well or not. At least there was no test were I was clueless :D
I hope that we get the results soon!

Freitag, 21. März 2014

(Review) Etude House Play Nails #78 and #96

I just came home and yeah, I wrote my last exam today and I´m relieved that I´m done with my exams! Hoooooooraaaay!!! :)

And with this post, I can say I broke my new years resolution of not buying any new nail polish 
Yeah, that´s so typical me ´:)

And here I am with a review for two nail polishes of the "Play Nails" line. Actually, whenever I buy cosmetics from South Korea lately I order Etude House nail polishes as well. So during my last order I decided that I want to go for colors I don´t buy that much. 

~The product~

Dienstag, 11. März 2014

Spring and other things~

Ok, first of all, as mentioned earlier, I´m not very active at the moment. The reason is, I´ve been learning for my exams, which I will write next week. So after next week I will be more active again.
I´m currently training to become a nursery school teacher. The training is splitted in two parts. After the first two years you´ll wite your first exam. And after that I have to train for another two years for the second part.

(Review) Etude House Color Lips-Fit #OR201 Dream Fit Coral

Why is time flying by so fast?? It´s been nearly a month since my last post. I really need to apologize and I promise that I will update more regularly!

Etude House recently released their new products, the "Color Lips-Fit" line. I couldn´t really decide on a color first and I was a little sceptic because of the powdery finish. So I wanted to buy one shade only. In the end I went for #OR201 "Dream Coral Fit". This is a bright coral lip color.

~The product~