Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Pony Effect - Everlasting Cushion Foundation #Fair (Review)

Hey everyone~

There´s a cushion I wanted to review for your for so long and I started using it a year ago and already finished a refill. I really don´t know why I didn´t get around to do it until now^^

It´s the Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation!

Freitag, 2. Februar 2018

Labiotte - Momentique Time Shadow 11:00 o´clock (Review)

Hey everyone~

I have mentioned it before many times that I´m totally obsessed with cute packagings and I often have a hard time resisting all the cute products that korean brands do release.

And since I think that pocket watches are super adorable I was just really thrilled when I saw pictures of the recent Labiotte collection. They did release three eyeshadow trios, four shades of gel eyeliners and four blush duos.

When I saw the fist products listet on Ebay I was quite shocked because, for example these eyeshadows were about 20$ at first and I just didn´t want to pay that amount for a small eyeshadow trio. So I got one on auction from Biz-Inside and I think I paid around 11$ which was ok for me.

So now let´s take a look and the shades. The 11:00 o´clock eyeshadow trio has three rosy colored shades. A shimmery light pink, a medium matte rose shade and a darker shimmery burgundy.

All shades a nicely pigmented when you swatch them with your fingers but the pigmentation isn´t that 
good when the shadows are applied with a brush

The pigmentation is actually a typical korean pigmentation. The pigmentation is basically good if you want an eyeryday shadow that is not too outstanding.

Here you can see a look that I did with the trio. 
I actually had to build up the eyeshadows quite a bit to get this result.

To be honest, I´m happy that I got the Momentique Time Shadow on auction because I think that It´s not worth the money (On Testerkorea it´s also around 20$). Nonetheless I´m glad to have this in my collection because the packaging is really nice and unique.

 You can find the Eyeshadows on Ebay (the shop where I bought it from. This shop always puts products up for auction)

Have you bought something from Labiotte´s Momentique line or do you own any of the famous wine lip products? I personally love the wine lip tints!