Donnerstag, 9. August 2018

Catrice - MalaikaRaiss LE *

*(Werbung/AD - PR-Sample)

Hey everyone~

Today I want to show you the products of the new Catrice MalaikaRaiss Limited Edition!

Dienstag, 7. August 2018

Catrice #Instashape LE (Review) *

*(Werbung/AD - PR-Sample)

Hey everyone~

Today I want to show you some products from the current #Instashape Limited Edition from Catrice.
The collection has some intresting products for contouring your face as well as your body! And I will show you three products from this collection now!

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018

Marc Jacobs - O!Mega Bronzer - Tan-Tastic! (Review)

Hey guys~

Well, I actually wanted to post this review last year... but then this product sold out and I thought it was pointless showing you something that you can´t get anymore. But now it is back and it´s even going to be permanent.

The product I´m talking about here is the highly raved about Omega Bronzer from Marc Jacobs in the shade 104 Tan-Tastic!

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018

Innisfree - My Foundation 2.3 #C13 (Review)

Hey everyone~

Innisfree is probably one of my favorite korean brands. They released their customizable "My Palette" last year and I already have a few eyeshadows, blushes and contour powders from that line. And now Innisfree has released their My Foundation line. In this line you can choose the finish and the coverage according to your preferences and of course you can choose your shade as well. So basically you can create your perfect foundation.

Donnerstag, 19. April 2018

Etude House - Cherry Blossom 2018 Limited Edition (Review)

🌸 Hey everyone~  🌸

It´s finally spring and Cherry Blossoms are blooming everywhere. For me, this really is one of the most beautiful things about spring. And then Etude House comes out with a Cherry Blossom collection....  and I can´t say no :D

Montag, 16. April 2018


Hey everyone~

I really love cushion foundations! They are really convenient, super nice for touch ups on the go and most of the time they give you a really nice fresh finish. So I´m always excited when I get to try a new cushion foundation. Not too long ago I got the opportunity to try out the new All Day Fixer Cushion from the brand Saat Insight. Jolse has kindly sent this to me. 

Donnerstag, 29. März 2018


Hi everyone~

When it comes to Makeup setting/fixing sprays I have two favorites that I constantly repurchase. The Mac Fix+ and the Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

But now I recently tried a new one, from a korean brand I´ve never heard of before.

Montag, 19. März 2018

Whamisa - Organic Flowers Eye Essence (Organic Korean Skincare)

Hi everyone~

A thing that is really bothering me at the moment is my dry under eye area. If I don´t use eyecreams regularly, that area makes me look so much older than I am. Especially when I wear concealer and set it with powder.

So in order to work against that issue I´m trying a lot of different eyecreams and samples to find my ideal eyecream.

Montag, 12. März 2018

[JOLSE] COSRX - Low pH BHA Overnight Mask 50ml*


Hey everyone~

Today I want to share a review about a new skincare product from the korean brand Cosrx with you.

I was lucky enough to receive the new Cosrx - Low pH BHA Overnight Mask from Jolse and I really want to say thank you!

However this won´t be effecting my review, I will always share my honest opinions with you!!

Dienstag, 6. März 2018

Moonshot - Jelly Pot P07 Mocha Martini & Powder Block LP-02 Bohemian (Review)

Hello everyone~

I need to say that I´m really into Moonshot products lately. I really love their Cushion foundations and the two products I´m showing you today are really awesome as well. 

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Pony Effect - Everlasting Cushion Foundation #Fair (Review)

Hey everyone~

There´s a cushion I wanted to review for your for so long and I started using it a year ago and already finished a refill. I really don´t know why I didn´t get around to do it until now^^

It´s the Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation!

Freitag, 2. Februar 2018

Labiotte - Momentique Time Shadow 11:00 o´clock (Review)

Hey everyone~

I have mentioned it before many times that I´m totally obsessed with cute packagings and I often have a hard time resisting all the cute products that korean brands do release.

And since I think that pocket watches are super adorable I was just really thrilled when I saw pictures of the recent Labiotte collection. They did release three eyeshadow trios, four shades of gel eyeliners and four blush duos.

When I saw the fist products listet on Ebay I was quite shocked because, for example these eyeshadows were about 20$ at first and I just didn´t want to pay that amount for a small eyeshadow trio. So I got one on auction from Biz-Inside and I think I paid around 11$ which was ok for me.

So now let´s take a look and the shades. The 11:00 o´clock eyeshadow trio has three rosy colored shades. A shimmery light pink, a medium matte rose shade and a darker shimmery burgundy.

All shades a nicely pigmented when you swatch them with your fingers but the pigmentation isn´t that 
good when the shadows are applied with a brush

The pigmentation is actually a typical korean pigmentation. The pigmentation is basically good if you want an eyeryday shadow that is not too outstanding.

Here you can see a look that I did with the trio. 
I actually had to build up the eyeshadows quite a bit to get this result.

To be honest, I´m happy that I got the Momentique Time Shadow on auction because I think that It´s not worth the money (On Testerkorea it´s also around 20$). Nonetheless I´m glad to have this in my collection because the packaging is really nice and unique.

 You can find the Eyeshadows on Ebay (the shop where I bought it from. This shop always puts products up for auction)

Have you bought something from Labiotte´s Momentique line or do you own any of the famous wine lip products? I personally love the wine lip tints!

Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018

Laneige - Ideal Duo Blusher No.02 Peach Mint (Review)

Hey everyone~

When it comes to blushes I just can´t resist to try out the pretty or interesting looking ones. 
And a few weeks ago I saw this really interesting blush from the Korean brand Laneige.

I had only tried their lip products and one of their cushion foundations so far and I was super curious about this blush when I saw pictures online.

So here we go~

Montag, 8. Januar 2018

Too Faced - Sweet Peach Palette (Review)

Hey everyone~

I hope  you all had a great first week of 2018.
Today I want to show you a palette which has been in my drafts for way too long. It´s the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.

Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Mamnonde - Flower Pop Eye Brick #01 Golden Beige (Review)

Hey eyeryone~

I´m finally back with a new review and I´m honestly so sorry that it took me so long to upload something new but I kinda lost my motivation. But now I´m back with fresh energy and a change. I will no longer be uploading my reviews bi-lingual in German and English but in English only. There are a few different reasons for that which I´m not going to discuss here any further. But I just feel more happy and motivated with the way I will write my posts now and I hope you understand that.