Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018

Laneige - Ideal Duo Blusher No.02 Peach Mint (Review)

Hey everyone~

When it comes to blushes I just can´t resist to try out the pretty or interesting looking ones. 
And a few weeks ago I saw this really interesting blush from the Korean brand Laneige.

I had only tried their lip products and one of their cushion foundations so far and I was super curious about this blush when I saw pictures online.

So here we go~

Today I´m going to show you the Ideal Blush Duo in the shade No.02 Peach Mint.

First of all, the packaging is quite simple but it is super pretty and chic in my opinion. 

The blush also comes with a seperate brush that I honestly don´t use. I just don´t like all of these small brushes that do come in these kind of products. 

The compact also has a mirror inside which makes it convenient to travel with.

And here you can see the inside of the product. And this is basically the reason why I was so curious about the blush.

It comes with two shades. The mint one is a color-correcting powder. It slightly conceals redness on the cheeks and brightens them slightly which makes the actual blush color show up better. It makes it more true to it´s actual color.

Here you can see the mint shade, the peach shade and both shades mixed together (from left to right). The reason why I mixed both shades together is that I kinda like the pastel-ish look that it gives to my cheeks. It doesn´t really show up on the picture that nicely but mixing the two powders together tones down the peach shade and I actually looks really pretty. I also really like the peach shade, no matter if it´s applied over the mint shade or on it´s own. 

The color-correcting effect of the mint shade is not too strong but I like the brightening effect of it.

The pigmentation of the peach shade is not too strong but you can build it up. 

The Blush Duo from Laneige is alltogether is good product. I wouldn´t necessarily say that it´s a must -have in my collection but it´s nice to have and the peach is really pretty! 

I bought the Blush Duo on Testerkorea but you can also find it on Ebay and of course the blush comes in other shades as well!

Have you tried blushes from Laneige before?

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  1. Bisher hatte ich noch nie einen Blush von Laneige, die Peachfarbe finde ich aber sehr hübsch. 2in1 Produkte sind manchmal schon ganz praktisch.