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Catrice - MalaikaRaiss LE *

*(Werbung/AD - PR-Sample)

Hey everyone~

Today I want to show you the products of the new Catrice MalaikaRaiss Limited Edition!

This limited Edition is a collaboration with Fashion Designer Malaika Raiss.
This collection has a lot of intresting products from different categories and I was so excited when I opened the parcel from Catrice because the products all looked so pretty and chic!

Let´s start with the Makeup Setting Mist
This is a light setting spray that is supposed to prime, set and refresh your skin.

The Bottle has a very good nozzle that sprays the product out very fine and pleasant. It has a scent and it kind of reminds me of an oldschool rose scent but that really doesn´t bother me because it fades quite quickly. I don´t feel like it prolonged my makeup but it definitely takes away the powder finish, which I really like and it feels really refreshing as well. I really like it.

Next up are the two Mini Nail Laquers

The shades are very soft and they apply nicely to the nails. They are both opaque in two coats!

This is the shade C01 Tip Tapping and it´s a a shimmery white with a slight pink shift.

Shade C02 Pale Peony is a pastell peachy pink. Here I applied the shimmery on as a topper on my ringfinger.

I really like the Icon Nails from Catrice and these have the same formula. The shades are not 100% my taste because I actually prefer darker colors but  they are definitely pretty.

This is the Healthy Glow Primer.
This is a primer that is supposed to give you a fresh complexion and it prolongs your makeup. It has a pearl effekt that is supposed to give you glowy skin.

The primer comes out really thick and pasty but it blends out well.

It kind of leaves a dryish sticky feeling on the skin which grabs the makeup really well. It also smoothed out fine lines and pores really nicely but....

after a few hours my makeup started to break up really weirdly. It started to look patchy and cakey and overall it looked really bad.  I first thought that the primer didin´t work with my skincare of my sunscreen but I tried it without these things and had the same results. 

I really liked the primer when I first applied it but it just disn´t wear that well on my skin.

These are the Soft Brow Pencils and they come in two different shades.

It is a traditional wooden eyebrow pencil with a soft texture that has fibers inside. It also comes with a spoolie.

The top shade is C02 Blonde Ambition
and the bottom shade is C01 Malaika´s Strawberry Blonde.

Both shades actually do fit me quite nicely ( I do have medium brown hair) but if you have darker eyebrows/hair this definitely isn´t your product. 

Thanks to the fibers and the soft texture you can fill in your eyebrows super quickly with these pencils. But because they are so soft ( and becuase it´s super hot here in Germany at the moment) it is not so nice to sharpen. I just can´t get it really pointy.

But I still really like the Soft Brow Pencils. I generally love the eyebrow products from Catrice. You get good products for an affordable price which I like a lot!

The next product is the Multitasking Face Brush.
It´s one of these toothbrish like brushes in a travel size.
It´s really dense, has soft bristles and you can use it for cream and powder products.

I honestly haven´t used it with powder products but it´s good for blending out cream contour or the concealer under the eyes. It´s not necessarily a brush that I use all the time but I do sometimes reach for it. 

I don´t really have an opinion about these brushes. I don´t think that they are bad but I´m not thrilled about them either. For me it is definitely no a must-have. But I think that´s probably because I just prefer sponges to apply foundation, concealer or cream products.

This collection also has these two lipsticks.

They are supposed to have an intense pigmentation and they do have a silky matte finish

They do come in the shades C01 Almost Lover and 
C02 After midnight.

C01 is a really intense pink and C02 is an almost brownish red.

I do find these to be a little patchy and it takes some work to get a really even pigmentation on the lips. But they are really comfortable on the lips and they do leave a stain when they wear off. The Pink one isn´t my shade at all. I´m just noch into pink lip shades at the moment. But I really love the shade C02.

I actually think it would have been nice if these would have a sheer finish because I think that would actually fit the collection a little more. But that´s just my opinion.

And finally these are three Cream to Powder Products!

This is the Cream to Powder Blush in C01 Daydreaming. It´s a matte, vibrant coral pink.

This is the Cream to Powder Bronzer in C01 Bronze Sugar which is a matte, neutral bronze shade. And apparantly this has a really nice undertone to it which makes it ideal to contour with for me. You should definitely swatch it when you see this collection in stores. I really really like it!

And last but not least the Cream to Powder Highlighter in the shade C01 Daydreaming which is a pearly soft creamish white.

All three products blend out well and thanks to the powder finish they have a good staying power as well. Plus these have 15g of products each, which is really a lot. I´d definitely recommand you to check out the bronzer.

Overall I really like this collection. I like the design as well as the products themselves. My favorites are definitely the Brow Pencils and the Bronzer.

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