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Essence - Into the Snow Glow Trend Edition*


Hey guys~

Today I´m back with a review for the new "Into the Snow Glow" Trend Edition by Essence.
Last month I received these products from Essence and I´ve been testing them since then.

First of all I need to say that I think that the overall appearance of this collection is really pretty and I already had my eyes on the palette when I saw the information about it!

First of all I received this small makeup pouch. It´s pretty and practical. It´s not too big so it fits well in my handbag or my backpack and it carries the few things that I have with me every day.

I personally think that you can never have enough makeup bags!

This is the sparkly lip topper in the shade 01 Icy Sparkles.

It´s a thick, clear gloss that comes with quite chunky glitter. The gloss comes with a plastic applicator which is great for applying the glitter evenly.

I think the lip topper looks pretty but it´s definitely not my favorite. The glitter is way to chunky and I can constantly feel it on my lips. Sadly for me this is a super uncomfortable feeling.

I would have preferred it, it this was a gloss with very fine shimmer or if Essence would have made a liquid glitter shadow. That would have been really pretty on the eyes!

Sadly this product is not my cup of tea.

The next product is the Sugar Face Scrub in 01 Hot Chocolate & Fuzzy Socks
I love this name!

It´s a gel-like scrub that has a lot of silver glitter inside.

The scrub is not too intense and quite fine on the skin. After rinsing it off I can still see shimmer on my face but when I wash my face afterwards, the shimmer is usually gone.
The skin feels really soft after using the scrub.

This is the Set & Glow Fixing Spray in 01 Sweater weather is better weather.

This is a fixing spray that contains micro shimmer and it´s supposed to prolong your makeup and give you a nice glow.

The mist is ok. It´s not too fine and not too rough. 
Luckily you can´t actually see the shimmer on the face, only if you look really really close.

It sets the makeup nicely and takes away the powder finish well. But I don´t feel like it prolongs my makeup.

Next up is the Eyeshadow Blender Brush in 01 Let it Snow.

This is an angled eyeshadow blending brush with a clear plastic handle that has silver shimmer inside.

At first I wasn´t sure if an angled blending brush really works but it definitely surprised me. It blends out eyeshadow nice and evenly and I also like this to lightly contour the nose. It really does a good job and as an avid makeup brush lover I can say that I really like this brush.

And now let´s get to the star of this collection. It´s the Face & Eye Palette in 01 Baby, it´s cold outside.

This palette has almost everything you need and it has a super pretty design.

It does come with 6 highlighters 4 blushes and 14 eyeshadows with different finishes.

Here you can see the highlighter swatches. Except for the mint colored one I like these. I just don´t wear colorful highighters but I can live with the lavender one. But the good thing is that you can use these as eyeshadows as well. And if you use them with a wet brush, they can look really intense on the eyes.

The four blushes are probably my favorites from this palette. For me they have the ideal pigmentation, not too strong, not too weak and they are buildable. And these shades look so pretty, especially the mauve toned one which is called "Dawn".

The eyeshadows are really pretty as well. I haven´t tried essence eyeshadows in quite some time. 

I just remember that I always preferred the single eyeshadows (I always use a matte ivory single shadow from Essence to set my eyebase and I love that one) over the palettes in the past because for me they always lacked in pigmentation and a lot just blended away.

But this palette proved me wrong. The shadows are really well pigmented and they blend really well.

And look at that green. It´s my favorite eyeshadow shade in the palette! 

Here you can see a quick look I did with the eyeshadows.


Overall this is a quite nice collection and my favorite is definitely the palette!

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