Donnerstag, 4. April 2019

[Jolse] ELRASTORY Deep Hydrating Mask 5ea*


Hey Guys~

I´ve recently received this Set of 5 of the Deep Hydrating Masks from the brand ELRASTORY from Jolse.

This is what it says on the Jolse website:
  • "Hydrating mask with a blend of soothing ingredients and botanical that reduce irritation and infuse the skin with hydration.
  • This herb mint color mask with essence texture that contains Alpine herb complex nourishes and moisturizes skin,
  • It also improves wrinkles and keep skin from external harmful things."

The design of the packaging really speaks to me. It´s clean and simple. 

Here you can see a list of the ingredients:

The mask has a very nice, thin material and it sits well on the skin without sliding around.

It also is very hydrating and refreshing on the skin.

The sheet masks do have a very strong herbal scent which is almost too much for me. I usually leave my masks on for 15 - 20 minutes but I had to remove the first one I tried of these after about 10 minutes becuase the scent was just too strong and I had a hard time breathing well.

So I´m 50:50 abou this masks. They definitely feel nice on the skin and they leave my skin moisturized and smooth but the scent sadly throws me of a lot!

You can get this Set of 5 Sheet Masks at ->Jolse!

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