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(Review) Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake all over color PK002

And once again a product from the "Sweet Recipe" line. Yes, I love this one. And I was debating whether to buy this product or not. I already own one of the "All Over Cupcakes", the "Peach Sugar Cake". This time I chose The "Strawberry Chiffon Cake".
So here it is~

~The Product~

The "Cupcake All Over Color" is a multitasking product with a creamy texture,  that can be used as blush, eyeshadow and lip color.

It comes in a tin box that contains 10g of product.

The cupcakes are available in 5 different shades.

~How to use~

Use your fingers and apply on your eyelids, cheeks or lips.

~My opinion~

To be honest, I didn´t bought another cupcake of these because it´s a great product for your eyelids or your lips. Actually it dissappears in your creases really fast, even with eye shadow base. And it makes your lips really dry. But if you use a lipstick base it looks really good and your lips won´t dry out. 
I just love using it as a blush because it looks very natural. It gives you a light hint of pink and you can build up the color as well, if you like a stronger blush.

 The scent of it is just amazing. Even though it´s a strawberry design it smells kind of peachy, like the "Peach Sugar Cake" Cupcake. 

And Oh my God!!! The product design. The designs of the whole "Sweet Recipe" line is amazing. And the cupcakes are no exception! The tin box has the design of a little cupcake. There are even little sprinkles on the lid. It´s so cute ♥♥♥

But... I don´t like the fact that I have to use my fingers to apply the product, because it´s unhygienic.


  • super cute packaging
  • amazing scent
  • great color
  • looks great and natural on the cheeks
  • you can build up color
  • available in 5 shades


  • not good as an eyeshadow
  • can only be used on the lips with a lipstick base
  • unhygienic

I don´t really care about using this product as an eyeshadow or lip color because I bought it to use it as a blush! And I love it as a blush! 
I bought the Cupcake All Over Color at the ebayshop worldmarket201010 for 6,97$.

~My rating~

Yes, still 4/5 bumblebees because it´s a great cream blush!

Thanks for reading♥

2 Kommentare:

  1. Thank you for the review!^^)/
    I remember when it first came out the Sweet Recipe line I was super excited about these particular products, but ultimately I did not buy them and partly I don't have regrets. What I didn´t like about these products is that they do not seem to me the most hygienic ;< (Although I have 4 of these type of products ^^U also from Etude House)

    1. Thank you :) I had the same concerns at first... But the whole Sweet Recipe line is so cute... And especially the cupcake design got me. I had to buy them :D