Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Bzzz... It´s Sunday - Exams, a musical and bumblebees :)

Woooah, the last two weeks were the longest weeks in my life, seriously. The time just stood still.
In the first week, I wrote my exams and I was studying like crazy. I wasn´t that nervous but I don´t know what I should think about the whole exams, too. I really don´t know if I did well or not. At least there was no test were I was clueless :D
I hope that we get the results soon!

The second week... well... it was fun and annoying at the same time. At college we were preparing a musical about a Bible story (I´m at an evangelical college). It was fun working on it with my friends and so on but the songs for the musical... They are still in my head and I´m really annoyed because of that :( On friday we had our performance in a church. There were so many people and everything went fine.

Yesterday I was a birthday party of my friends. They are twins and so adorable. It was a really nice party. 

Oh, and than something I was really really happy about happened. A few years ago I was writing letters with some people from around the world. But over the years I lost contact with most of them. One of them is a girl from the Ivory Coast. I lost her adress and I tried to find her on so many different social media websites but I couldn´t find her. And I was thinking about her two weeks ago and then the next day I had a letter from her in the mail.

 I was so happy. And I really hope that we´ll stay in contact now.

During the last days I tried taking a lot of pictures. Today I went outside because the weather is really nice. 

I put on a shirt and a cardigan but I had to take off the cardigan soon because it was so warm.
I think I was able to make some decent pictures.

There are my beloved bumblebees :)
 I hope you like my pictures. 

Now I finally have holidays and I just want to be lazy.

Tomorrow I´ll be listening to Arirang Radio´s Sound K because M.I.B is making a comeback and they will be on the show.

M.I.B is one of my favorite korean groups and I can´t wait for their comeback track!

Is anyone of you intrested in crime series? At the moment I´m always excited for tuesdays because "The Blacklist" airs. I love this tv series!

There will be some reviews coming up this week because I got a parcel from Korea :D :D :D
 I can´t wait to show you my new favorite nail polish, hehehe!

I hope you all had a great week and enjoy the remaining time of this sunday!

Thanks for reading ♥

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