Freitag, 21. März 2014

(Review) Etude House Play Nails #78 and #96

I just came home and yeah, I wrote my last exam today and I´m relieved that I´m done with my exams! Hoooooooraaaay!!! :)

And with this post, I can say I broke my new years resolution of not buying any new nail polish 
Yeah, that´s so typical me ´:)

And here I am with a review for two nail polishes of the "Play Nails" line. Actually, whenever I buy cosmetics from South Korea lately I order Etude House nail polishes as well. So during my last order I decided that I want to go for colors I don´t buy that much. 

~The product~

The first one is #78 which is a vibrant blue shade. It is easy to apply and I need to say I like the applicators of the nail polishes more and more. 

And the color looks very nice, too. I normally don´t wear that much blue shades on my nails, but when I saw that color on I wanted to try this on my nails and yeah, I like it.

Th other one is #96 which is supposed to be a light grey shade.

 And it is grey but sometimes looks like a very very light blue. My friends actually thought that is a light blue shade. Well, nevertheless I like this color and I wearr it quite often. 
It´s easy to apply as well.

~My opinion~

I think everything is said already. Both are easy to apply. The coverage is ok. You need at least two layers for a good coverage. 
The grey one is my current favorite. 


  • nice colors
  • easy to apply
  • great applicator


  • nothing :)

Would I buy them again? Yes and actually, another two shades are currently on the way to me :D
Yes, I shouldn´t have said that I don´t want to buy anymore nail polishes because I´m way too addicted to nail polish, hahaha!!!
I bought Etude House Play Nails at for 4.69$. ( They are having a special event right now! There´s a 10% discount on all products and you´ll get a free gift! :) )

~My rating~

Thanks for reading ♥

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