Dienstag, 11. März 2014

Spring and other things~

Ok, first of all, as mentioned earlier, I´m not very active at the moment. The reason is, I´ve been learning for my exams, which I will write next week. So after next week I will be more active again.
I´m currently training to become a nursery school teacher. The training is splitted in two parts. After the first two years you´ll wite your first exam. And after that I have to train for another two years for the second part.

Now let´s talk about better things. Spring is in the air in Germany. The days are getting warmer and I can finally put away my thick winter coat. I love this weather! It´s a shame that I have to sit in my room to study ;) I want to go outside and take lots of pictures~

And then there´s this one thing that constantly distracts me from studying. It´s music!

And, yes, I´m a K-pop fan. BTS made their comeback last month and their titel track "Boy in luv" totally got me. And since I´m a fan of them since their debut I decided to take part in Gurupop´s Star Quest with BTS.

It´s a kind of competition where you can be creative and show your love to BTS. So, wanna check out my entry?? Here´s the link:

I made these crochet dolls, and oh my gawd, I can´t remember the last time I put that much effort in a K-pop-related project.

But I really want to win the signed "Skool Luv Affair" album. I hope you all wish me luck :)

Do you guys like K-pop as well? What´s your favorite group?? I´m curious! :)

Take care and enjoy the weather~

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