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Hi everyone~

When it comes to Makeup setting/fixing sprays I have two favorites that I constantly repurchase. The Mac Fix+ and the Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

But now I recently tried a new one, from a korean brand I´ve never heard of before.

I´m talking about the Konstante Eleganz Fixer by the brand Saat Insight.

And first of all look at the gorgeous marble packaging. And inside you´ll find the spraybottle with a minimalistic design. I really like the aesthetics of this brand

So, now to the product itself. The Konstante Elegant Fixer is supposed to be the last step of your makeup routine which helps your makeup to really stick to the face. Your makeup is supposed to last for 24 hours, it gives a cooling and refreshing feeling to the skin, the spray gives moisture to your face and leaves you with a glossy and smooth finish.
 But it´s said to be not feeling sticky on the face and it´s supposed to help your makeup to not transfer onto your clothes etc.

The bottle contains 100ml/3.38 fl.oz. of product

First of all, I really need to say that I´m impressed with the spray nozzle. It creates a very fine mist that evenly reaches your face. 

I´ve mentioned this before, I do have oily skin and even though it is pretty dehydrated at the moment, I do get quite shiny throughout the day. So I was a little skeptical before trying it. 

It definitely leaves a cooling feeling on my face and it helps to take away the powder finish after setting my face with powders. It really sets my makeup nicely. But I do find this to be a little sticky on the skin but this might be because of my skintype.

It is definitely too dewy for me. But it definitely helps my makeup to last longer (I can´t tell you if it really lasts 24h because I usually don´t wear my makeup for that long. But it last 6-7 hours) and it does not transfer. My skin just gets way too shiny, even after a short time.

Apart from using this on top of my makeup, I also used it under my makeup as a primer because it felt quite tacky on my bare face. This made my makeup stick to my face well and this way it lasted longer as well. But here I had the same problem. It just made my face way too shiny.

So I definitely have mixed feelings about the Konstante Eleganz Fixer. I really like the nozzle and I love how it feels on the skin and the prolonging of my makeup but it just makes me so shiny that I kind of feel uncomfortable using it because I have to blot my face a lot. 

I wouldn´t recommand this product for people with oily skin but I definitely think that it is awesome if you have dry or very dry skin.

You can get the Saat Insight Konstante Eleganz Fixer with 100ml or 50ml at

Have you heard of this product or the brand before?


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