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Moonshot - Jelly Pot P07 Mocha Martini & Powder Block LP-02 Bohemian (Review)

Hello everyone~

I need to say that I´m really into Moonshot products lately. I really love their Cushion foundations and the two products I´m showing you today are really awesome as well. 

The two products are the  Powder Block in the shade LP-02 Bohemian and the Jelly Pot in the shade P07 Mocha Martini.

Just like the name already suggest these Jelly Pots do have a jelly-like consictency and they do dry down/set quite quickly after the application so you have to hurry when you want to blend them out.

What I really like about the Jelly Pot ist that you can choose the intensity of the color. You can either apply them really pigmented or blend them out to a softer and more sheer finish.

Mocha Martini is a beautiful copper shade.

To show you how it can look on the eyes I applied it just totally unspectacular around my eyeball. 
You can use it so nicely on it´s own or combine it with other eyeshadows.


Now, this is probably one of my all time favorite eyeshadows. The Powder Block eyeshadow in the shade LP-02 Bohemian.

The Powder Block eyeshadows come in three different formulas, Pearl (P), Matte (M) and Lingerie Pearl (LP).

It´s a champagne shade with a golden shift. This shade in particular (from the LP/Lingerie Pearl formula) has an almost wet/creamy feeling texture (almost like the Colorpop Super Shock Shadows, just a little more solid).

When I  want to do a really soft eye look this my top eyeshadow to use. Because on it´s own it looks so delicate and pretty. It´s not too overpowering but you still have a little bit of something going on onto your eyes and this is what I love.

But you can also layer it over darker shadows and it looks so nice.

Here you can see both products swatched on my skin again.

I really really like both and I already have bought another one of the Powder Blocks, which I will show you soon.

You can find the Moonshot Powder Block in the shade Bohemian here:

Beautyboxkorea (that´s were I bought it)

And you can find the Jelly Pot here:

Testerkorea (that´s were I bought it)

Have you tried any Moonshot products yet?

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  1. Die sehen beide nicht schlecht aus, vor allem aber bei champagne hätte ich ein komplett anderes Ergebnis erwartet. Auf dem Auge sieht das doch ganz hübsch aus.