Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

(Review) GEORGE GINA & LUCY EdP "Night Star"

A few weeks ago I applied for testing the new EdP from GEORGE GINA & LUCY from their "Fragrance Collectibles" line. The EdP is called NIGHT STAR.

I was really happy when I was chosen to test this fragrance.

~The product~

The perfume comes in a pretty box. Inside the boy you´ll find the EdP.

 The bottle is very nice. It´s golden and light purple with black stars. Inside the bottle there are 50ml of the fragrance. NIGHT STAR is supposed to smell like nectarine, plum, mandarin and red pepper in combination with cashmere wood and tonka beans.

~My opinion~

When I first tried the EdP it almost knocked me out. It has a very strong and intensive scent. It smells nice but in my opinion it´s way too strong. After some time of waering it it gets much more pleasant. It actually is very long-lasting, too.
NIGHT STAR is overall a very nice fragrance although it´s way to strong when you apply it.


  • pretty bottle
  • smells nice
  • long-lasting

  • way too strong when applied

~My rating~

Has anyone of you tried this EdP before? What´s your opinion?

Thanks for reading♥

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