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(Review) Etude House Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm RD301 Cherry Kiss

This Tint and Lip Balm is from Etude House´s "Dear Girls"-collection which was released in april 2013. I´ve recently bought this , which I had my eyes on for quite some time now.

~The product~

This is a two in one product. On one side you have a lip balm and on the other side you have a lip tint.
The lip balm has a slight lemon scent, which I really like. But it´s really small compared to the size of other lip balms or lip sticks. It surprised me when I opened it.

I barely noticed a scent of the lip tint and it´s really liquid.

~How to use~

First apply the balm on your lips. Afterwards, apply the tint. For the gradient lips style, apply the tint on the center of your lips only.

~My opinion~

To be honest, this product is good but it´s not something I would totally love.The balm is very small and the tint is too liquid ( and it tastes bad :(  )
The color is quite strong, well it´s too strong for me, so it´s not wearable for everyday. But it´s nice when you go to parties. I actually bought it because I wanted a product to achieve the gradient lips look. For that use its quite good.
And I really like the packaging. It´s very cute and girly.
(gradient lips style)

(applied on the whole lips)


  • cute packaging
  • scent of the lip balm
  • good for gradient lips


  • balm is very small
  • tint is very liquid
  • tint tastes bad

Would I buy it again? Probably not. It´s not a too bad product but I guess there are better tints.
I´ll keeping my eyes open ;)
I bought this lip balm on action in from the ebay store 1st_global_fashion for 4.80$.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading♥

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