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(Tutorial) DIY - U-ji´s (BESTie) Unicorn Earrings

Do you know this situtaion when you see a K-pop artist and she/he has accsessories that you would like to own, too? Well, I know this too well!
Not too long ago I was watching Simply K-pop at Arirang TV. While the rookie group BESTie performed their debut song "Pit-a-pat", vocalist U-ji´s earrings cought my attention! 

She wore this cute unicorn earrings. Since I totally love this kind of cute and kitschy stuff I wanted to make a pair for myself. And they are actually very easy to make. Let me show you how it goes :)

You´ll need:


  • polymer clay ( Fimo, Skulpey etc...)
  • Pasta machine ( optional, you can use something else to roll the clay)
  • template of a unicorn (google for a template you like)
  • earhooks and rings ( you can buy them at a crafts store)
  • gloss varnish
  • brush knife or cutter

Let´s go:

knead the clay until it´s smooth.
now roll out the clay, but not too thin because if it´s too thin your unicorns might break easily!

Now, take the template and place it on the clay.

 Cut around the template.

Make a little hole with a toothpick ( for the earhooks).

Put the unicorns on a plate and bake them according to the instructions that are written on the wrapper of the clay ( for example: you need to bake Fimo clay for 30 minutes at 110°C).

Now you have to wait :)

When you baked them let the unicorns cool down. Afterwards you can varnish them with the gloss varnish. Let them dry.

For the final step atach the earhooks and the ring to the unicorns.

Tadaaaaa~ finished :)

I hope you like my tutorial. If you do, please leave a comment :)

Thanks for reading ♥

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