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(Review) Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam

Since I needed a new cleansing product I was looking for some products at roseroseshop.com . What immediatly cought my attention here was the name of the product. Since I´m a chocoholic I was so curious and bought it. This cleansing foam is also available in Green Tea Latte and Strawberry Latte

~The Product~

The Cleansing Foam comes in a tube that contains 172ml of product. And this is quite a lot. Sadly the ingredients list is completely in korean.
The cleansing foam contains milk ingredients, it claims to make your skin clean, moisturized and nourished. 
The tube is very pretty. It is white with golden ornaments. And look at the little tea pot! Isn´t it cute?!

~How to use~

Apply a proper amount on your hand, mix it with water and it turns into a foam. Now you can apply it on your face. After cleansing, rinse off with with water.

~My opinion~

When you first see the cleansing foam you think "what´s that?!". It looks kind of golden and shiny.

But it turns into a very nice foam which feels great on your skin.

It indeed smells like chocolate latte. The scent is a little strong but I´m totally ok with that. But if you don´t like scented products this might be not the right cleansing foam for you. I asked my mother what she thinks about it and she said, that she wouldn´t use it, because of the strong scent.
I need to say, after using it my skin felt very soft. It moisturizes and cleanses the face very well.


  • big amount of product
  • great foam
  • nice packaging
  • moisturizes well
  • cleanses well
  • nice scent
  • cheeeeap!!!!


  • scent is not pleasant for everyone

Would I buy this cleansing foam again? Oh yes, but to be honest I really want to try out the two other versions, too! But I really really like this cleansing foam, no, I love it!

I bought this cleansing foam for 2.80$ at roseroseshop.com . It´s so cheap, it´s really cheap. Seriously where do you get 172ml of a good cleansing product for 2.80$???

~My rating~

So, what do you think? Have you ever tried this product?

Thanks for reading ♥

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