Freitag, 30. August 2013

(Tutorial) DIY - Bangtan Sonyeondan Tank Top

I love painting t-shirts and tank tops. When I recently went shopping I saw this plain white tank top and immediatly knew I wanted to paint Bangtan Sonyeondan´s logo on it. Aaaaand this tank top cost about 3$ so I immediatly bought it. And now I´ll show you how you can make a Bangtan Sonyeondan tank top on your own.

You´ll need:

  • a tank top or t-shirt
  • fabric paint
  • Dressmaker´s tracing paper
  • template of the logo
  • brushes
  • paper

Let´s go:

So, before you can start you´ll need to wash the shirt to remove the finish ( It´s a chemical treatment

of textiles, that doesn´t let the paint adhere on the shirt when you´ll paint it). But that´s only necessary if it´s a new piece of clothing.
Now use the tracing paper to transfer the pattern of the logo on the shirt. For that, place the shirt on a table or any other hard underground. Place the tracing paper on the shirt with the colored side facing downwards. 

Place the template on top and trace the pattern of the template (I´ve used a pen for it).

Now you´ll have to put a sheet of paper into the shirt so that the fabric paint won´t come at the back of the shirt.
Now you can paint the pattern. You´ll need some patience in order to get a good result. Take your time to paint the shirt accurate and neatly.

You can already recognize the logo~

It´s nearly done!

Done ;-)

After you finished painting you need to wait until the paint is dry.

Now follow the instructions of the fabric paint, because some of them need to be ironed in order to be fixed.
And taadaaaaa! What do you think?? 

Of course you can use any other logo of any other group you like or you use your own design.
 It´s so easy and other fans will be jealous of your shirt ;-)

Here are some other shirts I made with the logos of my favorite korean groups!

Thanks for reading ♥

7 Kommentare:

  1. Where did u find the white BTS logo?

    1. I used the black one and changed the colors using photoshop :)

  2. I've never thought of using dressmaker's tracing paper before! I usually use contact paper or make a screen (very time consuming haha). Do you usually use this method? And how would you say the paint holds up to wear/washes? (I've found that painting it instead of stippling cracked more but it could be the paint/fabric texture)

    1. Sorry for the late answer. I normally don´t use the dressmaker´s tracing paper. I usually draw the patterns by hand. But since the logo of BTS is so detailed I wanted to copy it.I tried many other things... but the paper is the easiest and most confortable way to copy the pattern for me. The paints holds very good, even after many washes and it doesn´t cracks ( But I don´t stretch the fabric too much, so it may be because of that...) I hope I could answer your question :)

  3. what paint do you use specifically? and does it need to be heat set?

    1. I use a fabric paint that is called Deka. It´s a brand that is very good, but I don´t know if it´s available in other countries than Germany. But this fabric paint has a very good coverage. This paint needs to be heat set. But I think there are others paints that don´t have to be. You should go to the crafts store and asked for different fabric paints.
      I hope this answers your question :)

  4. Nice Work and a cool Tutorial . #BloKoDe