Montag, 5. August 2013

(Review) Etude House Dear My Nails Easy Peel Off Base Coat

I´ve been struggeling a lot  with glitter nail polishes. For me they are really hard to remove, so I always avoid using them although I like them a lot.
One day I discovered Etude House´s "Easy Peel Off Base Coat" and immediatly wanted to try it.
Nail polish to peel off? That sounds easy and time saving, right?

~The Product~

The base coat comes in a little bottle that has the characteristic Etude House design. It´s simple, cute and pretty. The nail polish brush has a good size which makes it easy to apply. The base coat looks milky in the bottle and sheer when applied on the nails. The bottle contains 10ml of base coat.

~How to use~

Just apply the base coat before applying your nail polish.

~My opinion~

Well, the base coat needs a little more time to dry than my other nail polishes and base coats. It has not the typical nail polish smell. To me it smells a little bit like the crafting glue I use. It´s definetly not that a strong scent. After applying the base coat I applied some different nail polishes.
I wore the base coat + nail polish for about 5 hours before I peeled it off ( I couldn´t wait longer because I was so excited for the result ;-) ). And I need to say, it really works and it´s so easy.


  • easy to apply
  • easy to peel off
  • no strong nail polish scent
  • nice design


  • needs more time to dry

Would I buy this base coat again? Definetly yes! It really saves time, it´s easy and you can use it with all kind of nail polishes.

I bought this base coat for 2.40$ at . And I think this is a quite good price

~My rating~

Thanks for reading ♥

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