Montag, 11. November 2013

(Review) Etude House Play Nail # 32

My nail polish addiction showed up once again. Not too long ago Etude House released a huge collection of nail polishes, the "Play Nail - Color Play, Art Play, Texture Play" collection. There are so many colors that I had a hard time deciding which color I want to try. I actually bought only one yet because I wanted to test them before I buy a huge bunch of colors. My final decision was #32 which is a mud-grey polish.
So here it is:

~The Product~

The nail polish comes in a nail polish bottle that comes in a total new design that I haven´t seen before from Etude House. The little bottle has a cute lace design. You´ll get 8ml of nail polish.

~How to use~

"For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail.
Smooth the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. Then, apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails."

~My opinion~

Although I totally loved Etude House´s old bottle designs, I really like the lace design of the Play Nail collection. And the variety of colors is just awesome. So basically you can find a suitable color for every ocassion and outfit. But it´s so hard to decide which color you want to buy.

The polish is very easy to apply. I always apply two coats for the best color result.

 It started to show little damages after 4 days, but that was ok. It dries fast and has a very good color. I need to say that the color is a little brighter than it is shown in the promotional pictures, but it still looks very good.


  • soooo many colors
  • easy to apply
  • dries fast
  • great color result
  • cute bottle


  • color is slightly different from the promotional pictures

Would I buy it again? Yes! I already ordered another one of this collection. But only one, I mean I have so many nail polishes... haha just kidding. I guess I will never have enough. But for now I only ordered one.
I bough this nail polish at for 4.46$.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading♥

4 Kommentare:

  1. I love this nail polish's affordable and the color is very amazing :)

    1. yes, that´s true. I could buy so many more of them but I really need to prevent myself from it because I already have so many nail polishes~

  2. I'm collecting many colors of Play Nails :D I'm into the glitter ones.. An I agree with your review xx

    1. Thank you! I´m not into glitter polishes at the moment but I really want to try one of the Play Nails glitter polishes :D