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(Review) Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes PK001 Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse

It´s been some time right? I´m so busy with with college at the moment. i wish I had more time :(
However, I wanted to write at least one review this weekend, so here it is~

I guess you guys can tell what my favorite korean cosmetics brand is by now, right?

So, I know, the Sweet Recipe collection was released quite some time ago but I recently was able to to buy another piece of the collection.
I already own a few things of the Sweet recipe collection. But I really wanted to buy this eyeshadow since forever. I don´t know why I haven´t bought it when it was released but now I finally got it.

~The product~

Etude House´s Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes come in 5 different "flavours" in adorable little tins. Each tin consists of  3,4g of two colors of baked eye shadow. 

I picked the shade PK001 "Sweet Berry Lemon Mousse", which consists of a bright yellow and a sweet pink

~How to use~

Apply a proper amount onto eyelids by finger tip or using a brush.

~My opinion~

I´m actually sad that I picked up this eyeshadow so late because these colors would have been perfect for summer. 
Both colors contain a lot of glitter. That´s the only thing that really bothers me a little because I´m not a huge fan of glitter eyeshadows and I had a hard time to get rid of the glitter when I removed my make up. But although I knew that this one contains a lot of glitter I still bought it. Well, I´m way too addicted to cute packagings ;)
Both colors look very great on the eyes and they last very long, even without primer. I was really surprised about that. They are well pigmented as well. Here are the swatches:

without flash

with flash

And yeah, the packaging is just too cute. The little tin is just so adorable that I had to stare at it for some time before opening it. I still love the idea behind this collection. Everything is inspired by sweets.
I really wish some local brands would come up with ideas like that!


  • cute packaging
  • nice colors
  • great staying power


  • too much glitter

Well, even though this eyeshadow contains glitter I really like it and I cant wait for the next summer because at the moment I´m more into brown eyeshadow. 
I bought the "Sweet recipe Cupcake eyes"  at the ebay shop biz-inside  on auction for 7,50$.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading ♥

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