Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

(Review) Etude House Play Nail # 139

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great christmas. 
Today I want to show you my currently favorite nailpolish. After I had bought Etude House´s Play Nail  #32, I bought another nail polish. This one is actually from the October edition of the Play Nail line. So I´ve got it a few weeks ago and I was wearing it a lot since then. 

~The Product~

This nail polish from the October edition of the Play Nail line has a matte finish. All polishes from this edition have a matte finish. It comes in the same bottle as the other ones of that line. At the backside of the bottle you can read the name of the color in Hangul and it says
 "Kiss ´n´Kill". You´ll get 8ml of nail polish.

~How to use~

"For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail.
Smooth the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. Then, apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails."

~My Opinion~

"Kiss ´n´Kill", what a matching name, it really matches the color. And I love it.
 To me out of all of the colors from the October edition, this was the prettiest. And the best thing about it is the finish. It´s matte. And I love matte nail polishes.
 But I need to say I was a little bit skeptical about it. I remember that I bought a matte polish from Etude House at the beginning of the year and it was horrible to apply. But this one is totally different. It´s easy to apply and the color immediatly looks evenly. But one thing I don´t like it, that you have to apply more layers to achieve the same color that is shown in the promotion pictures. I had to apply at least 4 layers until I was satisfied.

The matte finish does not last that long. After touching the nails a few times there´s just a slight hint of the matte finish left. But nevertheless I love the color and it still looks good even when it´s not matte. And if you don´t like matte finishes you can easily apply a shiny top coat onto the nail polish.


  • matte finish
  • great color
  • nice product design
  • easy to apply


  • needs a few layers to look like the promotion pictures
  • finish doesn´t last long

Would I buy that nail polish again? Yes!
I bought it at the Ebay shop ToySqure for 4.99$.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading♥

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