Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

(Review) Rebecca Bonbon Strawberry Cheesecake Hand and Body Cream

Not too long ago I discovered this Hand and Body Cream at the drugstore. I haven´t seen this brand before so I was very curious about it. I smelled at one of the testers and kind of liked it, well at first...

~The product~

This Hand and Body Cream is said to be an intensive nurturing cream with a strawberry and cheesecake scent.
The cream comes in a small tube that contains 50ml of product.

~My opinion~

I actualy bought the Hand Cream because of the smell. When I smelt it at the drugstore I totally loved it. But to be honest, the more I use it the more I dislike the smell. It really smells like strawberry cheesecake, but in a very synthetic way. And this is what kind of bothers me. Actually my friends love the smell and they bought the hand cream, too so it might be just my opinion. But nevertheless it is indeed very very nourishing.

 I always have very dry hands when the weather is getting colder. You just need a little bit of the product. I always apply an amount of the size of a pea and is enough for both hands. And my hands are so soft after using this. So thumbs up for that :)


  • very nurturing
  • just a small amount must be used


  • synthetic smell

So, would I buy this Hand and Body Cream again? No, I like the nuturing effect but the scent really bothers me. Nevertheless, my hands are happy :)

~My rating~

Has anyone of you already tried this product? Tell me what you think of it! I´m curious!

Thanks for reading♥

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