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(Review) Catrice LE "Rocking Royals" Liplocking Base and Lipstick C02 Of Royal Blood

When this LE of the brand catrice was released I immediatly went to the local drugstore because I really wanted to buy the lip locking base. Actually the whole collection looked really good. You can check it out here .I love catrice LE´s and always look up for the new ones on their website. 
So what does catrice say about their Limited Edition?
"Limited Edition “Rocking Royals” by CATRICE
Top Tier. Elaborate couture designs with sophisticated stitching, lavish ornamental trimming and heavy fabrics. Golden-weaved robes and splendid crystal gowns with a rock-chic twist. The Royals are a true source of inspiration. Modern day style icons. Royal opulence and modern rock elements are united in the Limited Edition “Rocking Royals” by CATRICE thisNovember and December 2013. Rocking Royals – by CATRICE."

I ended up buying the Liplocking base and a lipstick. 

First of all let me show you the Liplocking base~

~The product~


Long Live the Lipstick. This innovative, transparent base is applied before the colour texture to ideally prep your lips for lipstick. You no longer have to worry that the colour will bleed – instead, you can enjoy the practical size for your handbag and look forward to long-lasting as well as convincing results." (taken from Catrice´s website)

You´ll get 15ml of lipstick base.

And here is the Lipstick C02 Of Royal Blood


Royal Rebels. Velvety matt shades meet the pulse of the times to create a trendy Rocking Royals look: a portion of glamour mixed with a portion of punk rock. The creamy texture feels pleasantly soft and pampering. A must-have for the coming season." (taken from Catrice´s website)
You´ll get 3,5g of lipstick.

~My opinion~

Let me start with the Liplocking base. I love it. No matter what lipstick I use, it stays on for so long. You simply apply the base on your lips and then you apply you lipstick. The base feels very pleasant on the lips. It´s pretty solid and the lips seems to be much smoother.

The lipstick has a very prettty berry-like shade, is very good pigmented and it has a semi-matte finish. I totaly like the color on my lips. I normally don´t wear a lot lipstick but since I bought this one I wear lip stick more often :) 
And the color definetly matches the season.
The lipstick feels very pleasant too. It´s very smooth.

Here are the swatches:

I really like both products. I was really excited to try the base because every time I was wearing lipstick (even though it wasn´t that often;) ) The color didn´t last very long and I had to re-apply it. But with that base I haven´t re-applied the lipstick I was wearing before. And the lipstick color is just too pretty. 


  • lip base really works
  • feels very pleasant on the lips
  • lipstick color is very pretty


  • nothing :)

I bought the Liplocking Base for 3,99€ and the lipstick for 3,99€ as well at the local drugstore.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading ♥

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