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(Review) Small Nailpolish Haul - Essie, Catrice and Essence

Last week I went shopping and yes, I bought nailpoilish. Actually I was just looking for one of them but then... Well, it´s always like this, I go through a drugstore and then I think "What´s this?" XD. And that´s how most of my nailpolish find their way to my home.
So let me show you my new babies~

Catrice - #53 Inner Purple Of Trust

First is a nailpolish from the brand Catrice. This brand is one of my favorite drugstore brands and I really love their nailpolishes. The bottle contains 10ml of nailpolish.
This one is a very nice, vibrant purple color. 
The applicator is very good and  it makes it easy to apply the nailpolish. I  need two layers to get a good coverage.

~My rating~

Essie - Go Ginza

The next one is the nailpolish I was actually looking for. I saw this color in a magazine and immediatly felt in love. But getting this baby wasn´t that easy. I had to go to five different stores because it was sold out in so many stores. 
Now let´s take a look at the nailpolish. The bottle contains 13,5ml of nailpolish.
Go Ginza is a pastell pink color that reminds me of cherry blossoms. This is definetly a perfect color for spring.
It lasts very good and I wore it about 4 days without any cracks. But you need two layers to get a good coverage

~My rating~

Essence - Effect nail polish #13 Laser Show

The last nailpolish is an effect top coat. The bottle contains 10ml.
It´s a polish with silver glitter and shimmer and tiny black dots. It looks really nice, no matter if you´re wearing it alone or with another color underneath. It´s easy to apply but I really hate to remove this nailpolish because it´s hard to remove. And that´s always the downside to glitter polishes. But if you´re wearing a peel-off base coat underneath, removing won´t be a huge problem.

~My rating~

So what do you think about these nail polishes? Do you have a favorite?

Thanks for reading ♥

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