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(Review) P2 LE - Dress Code Happy - Blush & Eyeshadow Pencil

*because I´m happy~~* Just imagine me singing right know :D

Today I´m going to show you the products I picked up from  P2´s new LE. Unfortunately this brand is only available in Germany and Austria (correct me if I´m wrong but I coulnd´t find any further information ;) ) but I still wanted to show you these two products because one of them is one of my new ultimate favorites!

The LE is called "Dresscode Happy" and I picked up a blush and an eye shadow pencil.

Let´s  take a look at the blush first!

~The product~

This is one of two blushes from the Dresscode Happy LE. It´s #010, sweetheart. 
The packaging is made from yellow cardboard with a pretty flower pattern. The lid is see-through and gives you a look at the blush.
The blush is made of three colors that are placed in a mosaic pattern. A strong pink, a light purple and an earthy peach color. The tiles have small hearts of top. What a lovely design.
It contains 8,2g of product.

~My opinion~

I was searching for this blush at dm-stores in three different cities because they were sold out in the first two stores. But I really wanted this blush. I immeadiatly felt in love with it when I saw the preview of this LE. 
I actiually wanted to pick up both shades but only this one was available :(
Nevertheless I need to say, I love this one. The blush colors are all very well pigmented but you need to be cautious. It´s not hard to overdo it with this baby. 


I prefer a modest result so I need to be careful that I don´t pick up too much product with my brush.
But overall, I love it!

~My rating~

And now let´s take a look at the eye shadow pencil.

~The product~

This is a pencil type eye shadow. It´s #010 purple velvet.
It´s a pencil made from purple glittery plastic.

The consictency of the eye shadow is very creamy and light but it´s very glittery, too.

~My opinion~

Glitter... glitter...glitter...
This is all I can think of. Although the color is amazing and well pigmented, I really dislike the glitter.

(swatches - the picture doesn´t really show the gltter that great... Sorry for that :( )

I´m not a huge fan of products with too much glitter in it. And although the color looks really great on the eyelids I don´t like it because it´s so hard to remove. After removing my make up I can still find glitter on my face. And my cleansing product is a really great product! It removes everything... well, except for this glitter.
Nevertheless the color is really pretty but I doubt that I will use this pencil very often.

~My rating~

Thanks for reading ♥

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